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6 Games like Pokemon that you have to check

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We are going to check the list of some of the relevant games like Pokemon. If you are a Pokemon fan searching for the best game greatly similar to Pokemon, you should be glad to arrive at this place, where we are providing a short note on top 6 best Games like Pokemon that are offered to gamers presently. Games that are identical to the real Pokemon are available on a wide range of gaming platforms, such as iPhone, Nintendo DS, and Online.

Generally, the entire Pokemon game series has been widely popular due to its exceptional story lines, turn based fighting, and the capability to confine and guide several monsters. All the alternative gaming options that are discussed below will certainly come with all these features at varying levels. Here’s our list of top 6 best alternative games like Pokemon, read through.

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List of Games Like Pokemon

#1. A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

The Pokemon Nuzlocke ChallengeDeveloped to add an all-new level of confront to the standard Pokemon games, the Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge is a simple game that any gamer can easily play, but testing enough in order that only real enthusiasts of the standard series will finally emerge victorious.

The executive Nuzlocke Challenge features only two simple basic rules, while the tougher editions of the Nuzlocke Challenge have also surfaced, which are literally impossible for a beginner to complete easily.

#2. Lost Magic

Lost Magic is a Pokemon-motivated game that has been developed for play on a standard Nintendo DS platform. It is a combination of real-time strategy and RPG that was introduced back in 2006. It blends two fascinating components that generate an exciting and fun filled game-play experience to the gamers.

#3. Pokemon Volcano

Pokemon VolcanoIt is a totally free Pokemon enthused RPG game online. The best features of this game include its scoring system, and the very fact that contains Pokemon across various generations. With its identical locations and game-play, this game is also one among the top alternatives for all Pokemon fans out there. If you are searching for some of the best games like pokemon, this is the better choices that you have.

#4. Pokemon Dawn of Darkness

Pokemon Dawn of Darkness is a fan-developed Pokemon MMORPG. This game has been constantly re-worked with latest content and renovates to make it very competitive and appealing to all fans. With hundreds of NPCs, gym battles, maps, mouse, shops, keyboard controls, and a trading system, this game is no doubt one of the best online game alternatives to Pokemon.

#5. Mystic Guardians

Mystic GuardiansMystic Guardians is an online game on Facebook that is very much identical to the original Pokemon. It provides challenges, questing, and even many hidden items. Like most of the Facebook games, the game depends on an energy system, but as the user moves on to various levels, the energy level increases, and permits to have very longer playing sittings.

#6. Monster MMORPG

Monster MMORPG is a free online game that is quite identical to Pokemon. It has very simple graphics, permitting it to be completely played online without requiring any download. This game features nearly 600 pets to confine and guide, unique monster design, many appealing locations, and cool chat options. It depends on a standard text-based fighting system, which usually turns some players off quickly.

These are some of the best Games like Pokemon, that you need to check if you are a hardcore Pokemon fan.

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