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Best Games like SKYRIM for you to try!

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In this post, we are going to look at some of the best games like Skyrim, that helps you to try out different games with same flavor of Skyrim. I’ve played few games and I’ll be updating this post at regular intervals and you can check it out regularly, if you are interested in playing games like Skyrim. The sheer amount of content, level of customization, and detailed look has helped Skyrim game rise in the popularity ladder. The latest version of the app has everything that a gamer wants in its pocket, while fighting for lives and clearing different levels and exploring never-seen-before locations. It takes you to the practical world loaded with lore, endless side quests, and NPCs, which let you to go around the maim quest.

Awesome Graphics and Countless Options

It has nonlinear story line and breathtaking graphics, which offer inexhaustible options for playing. The gaming company has been trying hard to provide the classic fantasy open-world game that comes with quests and adventures for players to explore the action world. The characters and lore make it feel like it had been in existence for ages and gives you the liberty to explore underwater shipwrecks, climb every mountain, dragons, and build your dream house.

games like skyrim to try

In our previous articles, we’ve look at Games like IMVU and now, we are focusing on the list of Games that are similar to Skyrim.

Delivers Great RPG Experience

This action game is similar to Elder Scrolls that provides an amazing RPG experience. There are many other games like Skyrim that come with amazing features and graphics to explore the adventurous games world. Many developers are trying to create an ambitious experience that Skyrim offers, but there is handful of names that are remarkably similar to this modern game art. Here are few games that fall under the category of myriad of quests, non linear story line, and open-world settings.

List of Games like SKYRIM

#1. Elder Scrolls 

Elder ScrollsThis series is known for its expansive, bold, and immersive design; the latest edition to this series is certainly the winning iteration, making it one of the best selling and most popular games across all platforms and genres. Playing this game for first time will make you feel awe inspiring. The multi-faced character, beautiful graphics, and immersive design have set the standard for gaming world. If you like playing Skyrim for some reason, then you would definitely like this game too. Though few levels are different from Skyrim, they come with similar or same features. It is one of my best picks for the list of games like Skyrim.

#2. Fallout

falloutFallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas have number of side vignettes, number of quests, and many other things to create and explore places. Some quests are long enough, while few are shorter or more complex, making the game unique and unpredictable. If all levels and quests are same, you may lose interest and hence in order to keep users engaged, the new edition has popular open world of environment. Though the initial versions had some glitches, things are sorted out in the latest edition, giving you an enthralling experience. The countless quests and customizable options make for different results whenever you play and replay, enhancing your gaming knowledge and skills.

#3. Witcher 2

the-witcher2The famous monster hunter is full of slash monster seeker and political intrigue with grave consequences that make you feel like that you’re an integral part of this games like Skyrim. The effect of consequences is such that it impacts game play, characters, and your decision, making the game immersive and addicting.

These are some of the best concept oriented/similar styled and most detailed immersive games like Skyrim and offer great experience to the gamer.

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